Community Outreach


The Outreach Committee's mission is to connect Little Dolphins with the greater community and world through age-appropriate community service.

Our events include:

A Harvest Sale in October that benefits the World Wildlife Fund.

Spark of Love Toy Drive, sponsored (and picked up) by the Santa Monica Fire Department, in December.
A crayon drive in January benefits the nonprofit organization Crayon Collection, providing underserved children from area schools and Head Start programs with art supplies.
In February, with extra World Wildlife stuffed animals bought with the proceeds from the Harvest Sale, we assemble care packages for Project Night Night, providing a blanket, book, and stuffed animal to homeless children in Los Angeles shelters.
In March, we facilitate a Toms shoe painting party for African play costumes to benefit children worldwide without shoes, through Toms' buy a pair, give a pair campaign.

"When I had the opportunity to join the Little Dolphins team I went from being a mom of 3 kids to a mom of 80.

I gained brothers, sisters, and best friends, and my family got bigger and bigger. I learned about art and music, and it brought out a creative and playful side of me." - Shirin Abdoh-Smith, Community Liaison