Global Outreach through education:
experiential learning

study abroad for the whole family

Ages: 10-15 & The Whole Family


March 27th - 30th: Amansala Hotel, Tulum
March 31st - April 2nd: Technotel, Progreso
April 3rd - 8th: Hacienda Temozon, Merida

Embark on a 12-day adventure in Merida, Mexico, with Seven Arrow’s Global Outreach program—a critical blend of language acquisition and cultural experience in the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula.

This program offers students and their families a fully engaged learning experience, which combines Spanish language skills, Service Learning, Cultural Immersion, Environmental Conservation as well as Extreme Sports. The alignment of common missions and values with our partners--UNAM, Vena-Cava and Fish Out of Water--strengthens the Seven Arrows Way of Education beyond our school and beyond borders. Through this process of collaboration, we will venture into the heart of each community.

You will be immersed in Spanish language and Mayan culture, while learning about the challenges facing indigenous communities and ecosystems. You will be engaged in service and sustainability efforts, while venturing in the wild natural landscapes of Mexico. We believe that by falling in love with the place and culture, our students will be motivated to take proactive responsibility for conserving its history, communities, and climate. This trip will foster their sense of humanitarian stewardship and ecological sustainability, and more importantly, will be an incredible adventure for the whole family.


A Cultural Experience

UNAM – National Autonomous University of Mexico
In order to best learn a language, you must first fall in love with the place and culture. With our partners at UNAM, you will take intensive Spanish language classes that combine interactive lessons with authentic cultural experiences. A daily theme will connect new vocabulary with excursions and activities to enhance and reinforce understanding. You will meet with local students to practice your skills, while developing a passion for the language and place. There will be a group for parents and a separate course children, according to their level of Spanish, 3 hours a day, for 10 days total.

You will visit the beautiful Spanish colonial city of Merida, the vibrant cultural center of Yucatan. Founded by Spanish conquistadors in 1542, Merida’s rich history is evident in the colonial era architecture that still remains in the centro historico. It was built on the Mayan city of T’ho, and is still home to a large population of indigenous persons of Mayan ethnicity.

Service Learning

VENA-CAVA: Learning the Language of Service
With Vena-Cava, you will immerse yourselves in the lifestyles, traditions and activities of the indigenous Mayan community in Ek Balam. By engaging one on one with families in an authentic Mayan village, you will help rescue their indigenous practices, including traditional medicine, farming, weaving, cooking, sports and language. You will contribute to their botanical garden, explore local fauna, dance and tell stories, and visit the beautiful ancient Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza and Tulum. By becoming truly immersed in the space of their community, Vena-Cava seeks to strengthen the Mayan identity, and deepen our empathy for and participation with local cultures. This humanitarian project encourages us to proactively address issues, by establishing a personal relationship with a cause. This experience will plant seeds of consciousness about indigenous cultures, and encourage ethical self-awareness, empathy and collaborative service. This will be a truly memorable and unique experience for your family.



Enjoy the beautiful oceans of the Yucatan Peninsula through extreme sports! Experience the amazing reefs via snorkeling and sea treks. Take kite surfing lessons, paddle boarding, kayaking, scuba, and surfing, from FOOW’s eleven IKO certified instructors. Repel down into the breathtaking cenotes—natural waterholes used by Mayans in ancient rituals.


In order to gain a deeper awareness of the global issues facing this region, you will learn about the environment and ecology you are immersed in. In addition to visiting the Mayan botanical garden, venture into the rainforest to do bird watching.

We will also visit the Celestun of Flamingos–a tranquil fishing village located west of Merida, which is home to secluded stretches of beachfront and palapas. The Reserva de la Biosfera Ria Celestun (Celestun Biosphere Reserve) is a large coastal wetland reserve and wildlife refuge, comprising one of the largest areas of mangroves in the Gulf of Mexico. The reserve is shallow, overgrown with vegetation and dotted with lagoons, salt flats and cenotes (underwater sinkholes). It is part of a fragile eco-system, where freshwater from the ria (estuary) mixes with the saltwater from the gulf.

While surfing the waves, learn about oceanography, marine biology, and efforts to save the ocean. By studying the diverse and endangered ecosystems in this beautiful climate, and the ways development impacts them, students will be motivated to respect nature, and to become stewards of the ocean and tropical forests.


Students will have the option to make a eco-documentary film of their trip as part of our media curriculum. Using cameras and Go-Pro technology provided, they will capture their diverse cultural and environmental experiences and encounters in Mexico on film. They will use documentary techniques to film, write and record narration, and edit their footage to bring their personal reflection of their experience to a larger audience. Moreover, digital storytelling will encourage students to reflect, thereby enhancing the meaning of their experience and heightening the level of their understanding.

location, accommodations & fees


March 27th - 30th: Amansala Hotel, Tulum
A tranquil beach on the Caribbean coast, a tropical Style Village, Tulum is the home to some of the world’s most famous Mayan Ruins. During this portion of the trip, we will engage with all the Vena Cava Learning programming and have an immersive experience with the Mayan people while engaging in service and sustainability efforts.

March 31st - April 2nd: Technotel, Progreso
In Progreso, we will focus on the extreme sport portion of this trip and will engage in exciting activities like: Kite Surfing, Surfing, Yoga, Paddle boarding, Cycling, Soccer, Volleyball…all to provide an authentic experience of eco-tourism so as to connect with – and enjoy – the ocean in a profound way.

April 3rd - 8th: Hacienda Temozon, Merida
Visit the beautiful colonial city of Mérida, the vibrant cultural center of the Yucatán. This beautiful Hacienda is the last stop on our journey and the most luxurious. Here we will enjoy pampering spa visits and cultural tours of the best Mérida has to offer.

Costs include all excursionist & language courses, all hotel accommodations, breakfast & some meals, as well as R/T transport to the airport. Max. 2 adults per family.

Family Costs:
    • 4 person occupancy: $3850* pp.
    • 3 person occupancy: $3990* pp.
    • 2 person occupancy: $4275* pp.
    • 1 person (age 12+): $4275* pp.

*Prices subject to change.

Additional costs:
    • Kite Surfing
    • Scuba Diving
    • Zip lining
    • Hotel Room Upgrades.