a commitment to diversity and financial assistance at little dolphins

"The Spirit of Philanthropy funds socio-economic diversity." As with most schools, Little Dolphins' preschool tuition does not cover all of its expenses. The Annual Giving Campaign starts in November and supports operating costs not covered by tuition. Little Dolphins is most interested in 100% participation from each family, regardless of the dollar amount they give.

We also have a Spring Fundraiser that is driven by the community of parents and is the celebration of the year. Parents have fun and work hard to support our huge commitment to diversity and financial assistance at Little Dolphins. We are proud to have been able to raise and offer $130,000 in aid at a school with just 80 students. We are deeply grateful to all of the community members of the last 3 years who have worked so hard in order to provide this. It is currently the highest it has ever been in the history of the school and it shows the commitment on behalf of our beautiful community and our original founding families in their joint commitment to diversity, inclusion, and promoting a higher level of early childhood education. To keep this alive across our nearly 25 years – and in an expansive central location of Santa Monica – is a real success for the members of our community and the social causes that we together champion at our school.

the spirit of philanthropy

funds socio-economic diversity